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Great weekend at Rock N Horsepower

Awesome weekend at ‪#‎HurtwoodParkPolo‬ Rock 'N' Horsepower, here are a few pictures from the event. Also, congratulations to Rufus who won the 'Guess how many balloons in the Porsche's' with the correct answer of 232, he looks pretty happy with his new P…
  Awesome weekend at ‪#‎HurtwoodParkPolo‬ Rock 'N' Horsepower, here are a few pictures from the event. Also, congratulations to Rufus who won the 'Guess how many balloons i… https://cridfords.co.uk/blog/great-weekend-rock-n-horsepower/

Cridfords History

The History of Cridfords After working in the motor trade in various roles since he was a child Jonathan Leach founded Cridfords in 1987 with the aim of providing the best possib… https://cridfords.co.uk/about/cridfords-history/

Porsche Panamera

Porsche Panamera The Porsche Panamera was unveiled in 2009; it is a front-engine luxury four-door saloon car that brings a certain style and elegance back to saloons. https://cridfords.co.uk/about/porsche-model-guide/porsche-panamera/

Porsche Macan

Porsche Macan The Porsche Macan was unveiled in 2014, it has been described by Porsche as “the sports car of the SUV segment”. The Porsche Macan provides seriously impressive acc… https://cridfords.co.uk/about/porsche-model-guide/porsche-macan/

Porsche Cayenne

Porsche Cayenne The Porsche Cayenne was unveiled in 2002 and has since proven to be a colossus success. The V8 engine combined with the four-wheel drive system provides an extrem… https://cridfords.co.uk/about/porsche-model-guide/porsche-cayenne/

Our Premises

Our Premises Cridfords is based at Hazelbank Garage, The Street, Ewhurst, GU67QY. In 2014 we moved in to the premises which has been a car sales showroom and service centre since… https://cridfords.co.uk/about/our-premises/

Porsche Cayman

Porsche Cayman The Porsche Cayman was unveiled in 2006, it is a coupé designed from the second and third generation of Porsche Boxster. It is a rear mid-engine, rear wheel drive … https://cridfords.co.uk/about/porsche-model-guide/porsche-cayman/

Porsche Boxster

Porsche Boxster The Porsche Boxster was unveiled in 1996, it was the first purpose built mid-engine two-seated roadster built by Porsche. Originally the Boxster was produced with… https://cridfords.co.uk/about/porsche-model-guide/porsche-boxster/

Porsche 911

Porsche 911 Guide The Porsche 911 was unveiled in 1963 and production of it continues to this day, the secret to its success is the balanced integration of engineering and design… https://cridfords.co.uk/about/porsche-model-guide/porsche-911/

Porsche Model Guide

Porsche Model Guide This brief guide is intended to give you a quick insight into what kind of Porsche you are looking for. It is not meant to be extensive, instead we would pref… https://cridfords.co.uk/about/porsche-model-guide/

Our Approved Guarantee

Thinking of selling your Porsche?  We are always looking for good condition Porsche to add to our stock. Give Michael or Jonathan a call or fill in our online form to find out mor… https://cridfords.co.uk/current-stock/our-approved-guarantee/

Part Exchanges

Part Exchanges At Cridfords we will be pleased to consider your car for Part Exchange. We have taken a variety of cars in part exchange previously and would be more than happy to… https://cridfords.co.uk/current-stock/part-exchanges/

Meet the Team

Our Team Find out more about the Cridfords team     Sam Fitzpatrick - Technician Sam started as an Apprentice Mechanic at Cridfords in 2014, whilst studying at MIT s… https://cridfords.co.uk/current-stock/meet-team/

Porsche Warranties

Porsche Warranties Cars up to 10 years old - 6 months comprehensive warranty with a retail value claim limit. Cars more than 10 years old - 6 months major mechanical failure w… https://cridfords.co.uk/about/porsche-warranties/

Servicing Pricing

Servicing Pricing We offer competitive servicing on a wide range of Porsche models, due to this range and the constant change in parts prices please call 01483273302 or email ser… https://cridfords.co.uk/servicing/servicing-pricing/

MOT your Porsche

MOT your Porsche An MOT test checks that your vehicle meets road safety and environmental standards. You are required to get an MOT for your vehicle by either the third anniversa… https://cridfords.co.uk/servicing/mot-your-porsche/

The Service Team

Service Team Find out more about our service team below.  Sam Fitzpatrick - Service Sam started as an Apprentice Mechanic at Cridfords in 2014, whilst studying at MIT s… https://cridfords.co.uk/service-team/

Our Facilities

Our Facilities Whatever your Porsche needs, we can accommodate for at Cridfords. We continually invest in people, equipment and facilities to provide the most up to date servicin… https://cridfords.co.uk/servicing/our-facilities/

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