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We want to buy your Porsche car. We will collect from anywhere in the UK including Ireland and offer immediate payment via transfer.

If you’re thinking about selling your Porsche, and you’re not interested in the problems and hassle of selling privately, why not contact us, either by completing the form below or calling 01483273302 and speak to one of our experienced sales team. We offer a true valuation of your Porsche, as such we ask for a bit more information than sites like webuyanycar and call to discuss specification, history etc. We often pay more than these sites and more than you finance companies guaranteed future value or GFV so give us a call before you simply hand your car back and see if you have any equity in your PCP deal.

Don’t worry, we’ll still buy your Porsche if it has outstanding finance and to make things easy we’ll deal with them direct so no need to pay it off before selling.

A lot of people ask us if its better to sell it as is or carry out the next service, repair that damaged wheel, paint that rear bumper scuff etc. and as we have our own team ready to carry this out it”s definitely not worth carrying out that expensive Porsche service prior to sale as we’ll take all that in to account at cost prices when buying the car!

We’re always on the look out for well maintained, clean examples and offer a safe alternative to generally lower main dealer prices. Please fill out the simple form below and one of our sales team will contact you to discuss your vehicle in more detail. We will travel to you if required and pay by instant bank transfer.

We will pay the best possible prices for the best possible cars.

Why sell to us rather than return your car at the end of a PCP?  Simple, we’ll more often than not pay considerably more and give you equity out of your car to go in as a deposit on your next purchase or to put it in the bank! For the same reason you may find us a more suitable or alternative place to sell your Porsche to than a main dealer especially with our immediate payment service and collection and speedy valuations.

Looking to sell your Porsche Boxster? Looking to sell your Porsche Macan? Looking to sell your Porsche 911? Give us a call! Decades of Porsche buyer experience!

Sale or Return / Consignment Sale

If you don’t need the money in a hurry and want to hold on for a little more how about trying our sale or return approach? We do things a little differently, as our customers are our priority and we want them to have the security of a regulated car sale, not a brokered agreement.

How does it work?

Give Michael or Jonathan a call on 01483 273 302.

We agree a realistic valuation of your car based on age, mileage, history etc.

You drop the car off to us or we collect.

We book the car into the workshop for our vehicle health check at a cost of 1 hour’s labour.

We discuss the work and carry out necessary mechanical and visual prep at your cost, so the car meets our retail standards.

We advertise the car on several platforms now it is ready for viewing. Once we have sold the car we return you the agreed fixed price set out when valued.

Why choose Cridfords to sell your Porsche?

Cars fully insured on secure premises whilst on our premises.

Finance available.

Part exchanges taken in.

A simple and matter of fact process with no concerns about what you will get returned.

Decades of sales experience.

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